The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor viewed front-on

The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor

Semi-automated sample preparation solution for solid dosage forms, gels and liquids.

Forced Jet Mixing

Proprietary Technology High turnover of fluid volume for rapid homogeneity and dissolution.

High Frequency Pulverizing

Proprietary Technology, focused pulverization of whole solids into powders, enhancing rapid extraction.

Extraction Pouch

Proprietary Technology, say goodbye to glassware, cleaning and carryover. Simply dispose of the pouch after use.

Technical Specification

Size (L×W×H)

302 mm × 313 mm × 510 mm


12 kg

Sample Types

Tablets (Normal and Prolonged Release, laser drilled), Lozenge, Pastilles, Beads, Capsules (hard and soft), Gels, Intermediate Granulations, Pellets, Suppositories, Powders

Extraction Pouch Volume

25 mL – 100 mL
100 mL – 500 mL

Operational Parameters
Extraction Mode

Dry High Frequency Pulverize, then Force Jet Mix or Force Jet Mix and High Frequency Pulverize simultaneous


100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 250 VA

User Modes
Walk up quick run mode

No method required

Method Mode

Select existing method

Edit Mode

Create, edit, remove methods


Sample Preparation Extractor Command Embedded Firmware


Reduced solvent for dissolution, no glassware or cleaning, quick extraction/dissolution reduced power consumption

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