The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor viewed front-on

The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor

Semi-automated sample preparation solution for solid dosage forms, gels and liquids.

Forced Jet Mixing

Proprietary Technology High turnover of fluid volume for rapid homogeneity and dissolution.

High Frequency Pulverizing

Proprietary Technology, focused pulverization of whole solids into powders, enhancing rapid extraction.

Extraction Pouch

Proprietary Technology, say goodbye to glassware, cleaning and carryover. Simply dispose of the pouch after use.

Introducing Sample Preparation Extractor

Ease of use

Step one:

Clip Extraction Pouch to cassette

Step two:

Add solid dosage form and solvent to Extraction Pouch

Step three:

Load cassette onto Sample Preparation Extractor unit

Step four:

Dry High Frequency Pulverize, then Force Jet Mix or Force Jet Mix and High Frequency Pulverize simultaneous for quickly extracting a wide range of sample types

Step five:

Remove extracted sample from Sample Preparation Extractor Extraction Pouch

Step six:

No cleaning, no cleaning validation, no carryover — simply dispose of the Extraction Pouch


The unique Sample Preparation Extractor technologies, Forced Jet Mixing and High Frequency Pulverizing, in conjunction with the extraction pouch, simplify and speedup laboratory productivity

Reproducible Processes

Semi automated sample preparation for improved repeatability over traditional manual techniques

Health & Safety

Semi automated sample preparation and enclosed system reduces user exposure to harmful substances

Process Standardization

Platform technology aids compliance and consistent results independent of user proficiency or laboratory location


Processes a wide range of sample types in both single sample and bulk assay, including more challenging formulations such HPMC, PEG, PEO and laser-drilled.


provides sample preparation front-end to any dosage form analytical workflow


Increased productivity, no washing, no glassware, affordable technology, significantly reduce sample preparation costs

Ease of Use

Intuitive instrument and software use, and error prevention with barcoded consumables


Robust design and high component specification delivers minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

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