About CambTEK

Mission statement Solving problems through innovation and stringent development approaches, we develop robust automation solutions to reduce inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and improve quality of data within key laboratory workflows and applications, improving general R&D and operational capabilities of our clients and positively impacting global healthcare.

CambTEK Ltd is a high technology company located within the innovative Cambridge technology cluster, developing, manufacturing and marketing automated laboratory solutions, specializing in sample preparation. The CambTEK management and development team have significant experience in scientific laboratory automation and are focused on delivering next generation solutions to problematic application areas.

CambTEK have successfully utilised turbulent flow and ultrasonics to achieve highly consistent and rapid sample preparation of solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, powders and gels. The resulting Rapid Extraction System (RES) enables increased productivity in many life-science and food industries, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agrochemical and veterinary.

Sterling House, CambTEK's head office in Cambridge UK

Our Technologies

Forced Jet Mixing

Proprietary Technology High turnover of fluid volume for rapid homogeneity and dissolution.

High Frequency Pulverizing

Proprietary Technology, focused pulverization of whole solids into powders, enhancing rapid extraction.

FlowCell Consumables

Proprietary Technology designed to enhance tortuous and turbulent flow for rapid extraction of dosage forms.

Extraction Pouch

Proprietary Technology, say goodbye to glassware, cleaning and carryover. Simply dispose of the pouch after use.

The CambTEK Sample Preparation Extractor

Sample Preparation Extractor

Semi-automated sample preparation solution for solid dosage forms, gels and liquids.

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RES Rapid Extraction System

RES-CG and RES-Sonics 
Fully-automated sample preparation solutions for solid dosage forms, gels and liquids.

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