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The CambTEK Rapid Extraction System (RES)

RES-CG and RES-Sonics: Fully Automated Sample Preparation instrument for rapid extraction of solid dose forms, gels, and liquids.

FlowCell Consumables

Proprietary Technology designed to enhance tortuous and turbulent flow for rapid extraction of dosage forms.

Technical Specification

Size (L×W×H)

1250 mm × 758 mm × 680 mm (Approximations)


100 kg (Approximation)

Data Input

USB Linked PC
Integrated Barcode Reader

Data Output

PDF, other formats available

Data Logged

Date/Time, Sample Description, Dispense Volume, Sample Status, Dilution Ratio, Extraction Pressure Profile, Extraction Video, User.

Data Control

Master File Read Only Output
Encrypted #-Code Validation of Data Tracking

User Control

User Access/Login Rights

21 CFR Part 11


Method Development

Login rights
Method History (User, Date/Time) Creation, Edits, Saves, Approving.

Method Control

Level 1. – Frozen (Read Only) Approved Methods
Level 2. – Edit Mode

Sample Tracking

2D DataMatrix Encrypted Barcode

Process Monitoring

Pressure Monitoring, Video Monitoring

System Monitoring

System Watchdog:
Gravimetric, Pressure Monitoring, Leak Sensing

Balance Calibration

Gravimetric (Internal Calibration) and Manual Checking

Sample Types

Tablets (Normal and Prolonged Release), Beads, Capsules, Gels, Intermediate Granulations, Pellets, Powders, Solid & Semi-Solid Matrices, Stents, Swabs, and Liquids

FlowCell Volume

9 mL / 14 mL

Operational Parameters
Extraction Mode

Turbulent Flow with Mechanical Crush and Grind
Turbulent Flow and Ultrasonication

Carousel Capacity

30 Samples


Batch Mode up to 30 Samples or Continuous Load Mode

Extraction Volume

50 mL to 500 mL

Dispensing Accuracy

ASTM Class A with Gravimetric Confirmation

Liquid Arrival Check

Gravimetric Arrival Confirmation

Extraction Solvent Modes

Single Solvent Extraction Mode
Serial Solvent Extraction Mode

Solvent Lines

5 Input Lines

Extraction & Dissolution Modes

Turbulent Flow
Turbulent Flow Plus Ultrasonic Energy

Filtrate Volume

Up to 2.4 mL (Dependent on filter type and method.)

Filter Type & Pore Size

PVDF, PTFE (Hydrophilic), Nylon, Glass Fiber, PVDF + Glass Fiber, PTFE (Hydrophilic) + Glass Fiber, Nylon + Glass Fiber.
Pore Size - 0.2 μm to 1 μm

Extracted Sample Dilution Range

1:1 to 1:400 Standard Mode

Flow Rate

70 mL/min to 1 L/min


100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1500 VA

Sample Output
Sample Output

20 mL Primary Vial & 2 mL HPLC Vial or Transfer Line For Online Setup

Sample Output Volume

Up to 20 mL

Evaporation Control

Capped and Septa Output Vials (20 mL & 2 mL)

User Modes
Standard Mode

Quick ‘Barcode, Load & Run’ Operation
Intuitive User System with Sample Progress Status and Smart Carousel Animation

Method Development Mode

Quick ‘Barcode, Load & Run’ Operation
Intuitive Method Development Setup with Full Control of Extraction and Condition Parameters

Report & Results Mode

Report Recall and Management


RES Command

Operating System

Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 7 PRO, English Version

Green Design

Consumable Workflow for Reduced Solvent Consumption

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